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Dog Grooming Salons in Szeged

If you are planning a trip to a dog grooming salon in Szeged you will definitely be pampering your puppy.

Most offer a variety of services for your dog including bathing, drying, combing, trimming, fur & claw trimming and even ear cleaning.

List of Dog Grooming Salons in Szeged

Below you can see a list showing dog grooming salons located in Szeged:

Lora Kutyakozmetika

DogCity Kutyakozmetika

  • Address: 6724 Szeged, Rókusi körút. 17/2.
  • Telephone: +36-30-85-93-515
  • Website: www.dogcity.hu

Tappancs Kutyakozmetika

Berry Kutyakozmetika

Alice Kutyakozmetika

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Lora Kutyakozmetika: 46.239144, 20.127896
Berry Kutyakozmetika: 46.268449, 20.158219
DogCity Kutyakozmetika: 46.270244, 20.139179
Tappancs Kutyakozmetika: 46.268449, 20.158219

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